About Fallen Tree Farm

What You’ll See When You Visit

at Fallen Tree Farm

There is no shortage of trees at Fallen Tree…. Fall foliage abounds. September and October are the perfect time to visit for a foliage tour. The woods are an abundant source of firewood, nature walks and home to many creatures. From our tavern room you might view a fox or deer as you breakfast. You’ll certainly hear the sounds of our pond waterfall and see the fish swimming around. Our pea gravel patio has a large brick fireplace that always has a fire laid ready for guests to light. It’s wonderful to sit by in the late summer and fall months.

The gardens at Fallen Tree are a constant changing feature. Both Kim and Brent are landscape enthusiasts and enjoy experimenting with different garden themes and water features. We have many different beds planned for the future but some of the beds inherited from the farm’s previous owner are quite lovely as well.

Fallen Tree is home to 6 horses and ponies. The horses range in age from Fiona, our youngest, who is two and imported Scottish Highland Pony , to Magic, our 33 year old quarterhorse who spends his days bossing the others around. In addition to our Highland Ponies, Mack and Fiona we have a Mustang, an off the track thoroughbred and Scout our paint welsh cross pony that we’ve had since she was only a year. Want to meet them? Just ask – we’ll be happy to take you out to the barn and do introductions. We’ve always got carrots on hand.

Breakfast is served in the formal dining room and tavern room each morning. These rooms are also available for hosting events such as baby or bridal showers, corporate dinners, Christmas parties and family reunions. Fallen Tree will be glad to recommend a qualified caterer to suit your dining needs.

We are dog lovers, which is why we welcome your four legged family members! We have two dogs ourselves…. Finnegan, a cairn terrier and Sebastien our west highland terrier. They have their own play space out back but will often sneak out to greet you when you arrive. If you are interested in a additional “puppy time” you need only ask.

Fallen Tree Farm is a labor of love for Innkeepers Kim and Brent Hanlin. They considered the idea of purchasing a home to convert into a bed and breakfast for many years before it became a reality. The home dates back to 1797 but it features many modern amenities, such as hi speed wireless internet, a commercial grade kitchen and gas fireplaces. There are many things to do here on the farm during your stay with us. Toast marshmallows in the fireplace, wander through the gardens or laze the day away on one of the porches with a good book. We are, and always will be, a work in progress and welcome your suggestions for what would make your future visits exceptional.